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Whatever your shareholding, we can help you exercise control and protect your interests. 

Even if you own shares in a company, you can’t necessarily fully control its future. You may need to take proactive steps to prevent yourself being left at the mercy of those who own a greater percentage of shares.

In the great majority of limited companies, if you own a shareholding of over 50% of the issued share capital you will own a large enough share to control the company.

Having control of the company gives you the power to play a decisive role in dictating the makeup of the board of directors, as well as to carry out most of the acts which are necessary to run the company in its everyday business, meaning you can ensure your interests are protected.

If you own less than 50% of a company, it doesn’t mean you have no control, it just means that you have to act decisively to ensure you are not left at the mercy of those who own over 50% shares. You should give serious consideration to agreeing a shareholders agreement or adopting professionally drafted articles of association.

Our team always gets the job done and has a successful track record in drawing up these documents to help shareholders exercise control.