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We will ensure you are fully aware of your rights as a company shareholder. 

It is key that you know what your rights as a shareholder are and how to exercise them, otherwise you will lack the ability to shape the future of the company and make good on your investment.

In practice, the strict rights and entitlements that come with the ownership of shares in a limited company are seldom fully exploited or utilised by shareholders. This is largely because shareholders are generally unaware of the rights that they have simply by virtue of being a shareholder.

Similarly, most company directors would be alarmed at the strict duties that they owe to the company. This include maintaining registers of its directors, its directors’ usual residential addresses, the company’s shareholders and people with significant control over the company. By law, these registers must be kept open to inspection by shareholders.

For many of the obligations upon directors a breach can be a criminal offence under company legislation, so it is even more important for you as a shareholder to be aware of your rights and the duties owed by the company directors.

We understand what matters to shareholders and what your rights are so that you can use them to your advantage.